The New Jewish Wedding – Anita Diamant

This is one of the best selling Jewish Wedding books. This guide introduces the richness of the Jewish traditions of courtship and marriage, with examples from biblical, talmudic and mystical texts and stories. Building on these foundations, the author presents sensible, flexible guidelines for planning a modern wedding, tailored to the couple’s beliefs and tastes. She explains how to find a rabbi, choose a caterer, organize the processional, and more. Examples of invitations and ketubot (marriage contracts) are provided together with a selection of poems and prayers that can be incorporated into the ceremony or at the reception. The book reflects the many changes in Jewish society and wedding etiquette in the last decade of the 20th century. It contains new material and illustrations, as well as new translations of wedding blessings with advice on interfaith and same-sex ceremonies. Web:The New Jewish Wedding – Anita Diamant

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