Planning a Wedding in Israel


Are you planning a Wedding In Israel or are you researching all the options?

We all know that making a simcha in the UK can be very expensive. Actually, did you know that celebrating a Wedding in Israel is generally much more affordable? Additionally celebrating your Simcha in Israel is very special.

The great opportunity with Israel is the broad range of unusual and beautiful locations, including by the sea, in the holy city of Jerusalem or in ancient synagogues.

Sometimes, engaged couples are unsure about celebrating in Israel due to the unknown local information and being based in the UK is not the ideal base for planning a Wedding in Israel!

How will you find the best venue? How will you ensure the design and layout is exactly what you envisaged? How will you get the most exciting band? Will your overseas guests feel comfortable? And most importantly, how will you cope with the Israeli vendors?!! (this latter one is often the most intimidating!!)

Adi Porat-Tavor (Director) and her team at Simcha Maker offer overseas clients all the comfort and answers you need to be able to plan your simcha in Israel. Simcha Maker work with a variety of venues, caterers, designers, bands, DJs and other suppliers – so that you, your family and friends all have the time of your lives when coming to celebrate a wedding in Israel.

“We are trying to offer our clients a special simcha that they won’t be able to have back home”, explains Adi, event producer, “…the goal is to offer them an unforgettable experience that will stay with them long after the simcha is over”.

Planning a Wedding in Israel is made much easier by using local expertise and knowledge and a supplier that has vast experience in this area. Companies such as Simcha Maker look after every detail which makes your day so enjoyable and a Wedding In Israel is a magical experience.

Adi Porat-Tavor provides some good advice: “We make sure all contracts are translated into English; we negotiate competitive pricing with suppliers; we focus on attention to detail and presentation, and work hard to turn your creative ideas into reality; and we of course keep clients informed of developments every step of the way. Together, with the passionate approach we take, the Simcha Maker team give our clients total confidence when planning your event in Israel – so that you can arrive in Israel and just enjoy your Wedding! Planning a Wedding in Israel can be made enjoyable from a distance!”

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