www.jewishweddingdirectory.co.uk is an online wedding directory aimed to support Jewish couples who are looking to plan their perfect wedding day.

The primary design of the site is purposeful, in that it is extremely simple and the directory pages are never more than one click away. Importantly the suppliers listed are limited in number – it is not an endless free for all directory. All the suppliers must have experience of Jewish Weddings and/or be primarily targeted towards Jewish Weddings. This makes it easier for couples to find suppliers to get a quote and further information as well as validate personal recommendations.

It makes the process of understanding who are the key Jewish Wedding market suppliers and accessing their information online quickly, plus their respective contact details.

Therefore we want to provide a simple but highly effective service. We do not wish to load the site with excess marketing, newsletters, forums, photo albums etc

There is however useful advice in the articles section and we would suggest newly engaged couples visit the useful resources page to then visit the respective authority sites – which will help to plan the official part of their wedding.

Of course non-Jewish couples are more than likely and welcome to browse the site and be assured that all the suppliers in this directory are of the highest quality.

Weddings can be stressful but remember they will turn out to be the best day of your life (until the baby bubbas arrive!)

We wish you a hearty mazeltov.

Any feedback please email contact@jewishweddingdirectory.co.uk

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