Jewish Engagement Party


Now you have been asked (or you asked) THE question it can all start with planning your Jewish Engagement Party!! So exciting & mazeltov!! There is often no religious element to this, however you can include religious blessings if you wish to do so. So really the first decision will be how many Jewish Engagement parties do you want to have – a friends party, a family party, a work colleague party! Although definitely easier to have one Jewish Engagement party if that works for your personal situation.

Unlike the wedding, a Jewish Engagement party can be whatever you want it to be. The only issue you may have are very excitable family or friends who may need a bit of managing! There are many different types of celebration you could have to mark the engagement, including a tea party, hiring a hall in the evening for a party, a marquee in the garden, hiring a nightclub for friends or a lunch.

Some families have been known to organise extravagant engagement parties and you may want to consider the venues or caterers who are on this site. Some of the suppliers will offer special rates to cater for a Jewish Engagement Party, so it is worth investigating.

This will all be very exciting and new so do sit back and consider what you want and not what you are being told to do. Although this is primarily a Jewish Wedding website some of the suppliers included in this site will be able to help you with your engagement party such as the following pages:

Jewish Wedding Caterers
Jewish Wedding Photographers
Jewish Wedding Invitations
Jewish Wedding Gifts

Additionally don’t forget to start thinking and researching about your wedding. The earlier that you start planning the more options you will have available to you. All the top suppliers get booked up very early so it is important to start planning. Plus remember everyone will have an opinion on your wedding planning.

But first of all, Mazeltov and enjoy your engagement party.

Some important things to think about for your Jewish Engagement Party:

Do you want an engagement list?
How many people do you want to invite?
Do you want music and if so will it fit the audience?
What’s the dress code?
Do you want to have a joint part with family and friends?
What catering do you want at your party?

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