Jewish Wedding Table Planning


Arranging the seating plan is often considered to be one of the hardest parts of planning an event, particularly when it comes to weddings. And especially Jewish Weddings!

The stress of mixing families…..the stress of mixing your own families… Oy Vey!
Who will sit on the top table? This cousin needs to sit away from this cousin. And you don’t want your lively university friends sitting on the same table as the Rabbi.

It’s often described as trying to get square pegs into round holes. You’ve perhaps got 10 tables of 8 to fill, but trying to get that group of 10 friends, group of 7 colleagues, 11 cousins and 6 Aunts and Uncles all seated can cause quite a headache. And that’s before 3 of your friends drop out at the last minute or your best man has a new girlfriend to bring and you have to redo the seating plan. So yes, table Planning should be very simple but actually needs to have alot of thought and family discussion.

Traditionally, people have used pen and paper, cut out circles or post it notes to work out where guests are sitting. But this can get messy and complicated.

An alternative solution is Toptableplanner. You simply add you guests and tables and drag them around the screen until you’ve worked out where everyone is sitting. Once you’ve saved your plan you can come back and edit it any time. It is also a great memory.

With Toptableplanner you can print various sizes of table plan (from A4 to A1) and even print your place cards too. Toptableplanner will also track guests’ meal choices and RSVP status and has been used globally. It’s definitely worth trying out at the start of the process.

Good Luck with the table planning for your Jewish Wedding!! Please don’t get stressed.

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