A Magical Wedding in Israel


For many couples living abroad, a wedding in Israel is a dream comes true.

Our traditions and religious roots combined with true and deep connections to this magical place, attracts thousands of people to get married in a Jewish wedding and say their vows under the Chuppah in Israel.
So… the proposal took place, excitement is getting higher, your family and loved ones are supportive and you are heading on a new road!

The planning of your wedding day begins even before your arrival to Israel. There are so many things to think about, so many decisions to be made. This special day demands so much planning that it is nearly impossible to do it without a professional team. As a wedding planner I’m happy to give you a small glimpse of what Israel have to offer:

Bachelor Party – An Israeli-style Bachelor party. We take the Bachelor to a desert tent with oriental music, good alcohol and authentic belly dancer. A Day of Spa for Bachelorette with great fresh local dinner ending the day in Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar, one of Israel finest bars.

Pre Wedding Event – cocktail event, Henna or just a small family gathering. We have the most boutique magical and authentic venues in Tel Aviv Jaffa, such as “Hamam”, a real Israeli gem full of atmosphere for your event.

VIP Accommodation & Hospitality – some of the best urban boutique hotels known worldwide based in Israel such as Brown hotel TLV or Hotel Alegra in Jerusalem. The couple, their family and guest will stay in luxury hotels, finest Israeli local culinary, we have the freshest tasty raw materials kissed by the sun, music, culture, extreme sports, traditional tours, Israel is amazing.

Concept- In Israel we have many reasons for celebrations: Weddings, Bar\Bat Mitzvah, Circumcision and more. The more cause for joyful events, the more we have professional known worldwide vendors. Israel is small but we have everything you can dream of – “Land of milk and honey”. Unique Concepts: Israeli Desert Wedding, Tower of David Wedding, Beach Wedding, Winter Ball, Mexico Beach, Mad Hatter’s, Musical Wedding, Perfect Garden, Gold Rain.

Venue – Finding the perfect location for your Israeli wedding – the beach, the desert, open space outdoors or in a hall – everything is possible, we have unbelievable wedding locations such as Ronit Farm, Hangar 11 and smaller urban boutique venues for small modest family weddings or you can go for a surprising location like a green farm, forest, Pecan Plantation, luxurious desert tent or private villa and keep it original. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a creative content that speaks the language of the location. Choosing the venue is only the foundation for building a unique event concept, Design plans, entertainment and surprises for your guests. Starting point for our production service.

Vendor’s – choosing the best professional suppliers that rise above expectations and understand your needs and desires is not an easy task. Using a wedding planner you can bridge over the culture gap. For example using DJ and a live cover band together (Israelis mostly have only a DJ, unlike weddings with full band throughout the wedding). Photographers, designers, florist, catering, you should be very clear about your needs and about the tradition you want to maintain from your culture. The mix between an Israeli wedding format to your culture, will make it interesting.

Chuppha – Canopy & Kiddushin at the Beach, Desert or the Western Wall, only in Israel.

Israel offer a combination of flavours and colours from different cultures and different styles that will fit together smoothly and create a unique and once in a life time event. We consider ourselves translators, experts of making your desires and preferences come true in a cohesive experience which embodies your very essence and rhythm. Give us a dream and a couple in love and I’ll give you magic.

Content supplied by Liron Arbel – Wedding Planner in Israel http://lironarbel.co.il/en/home/

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