Kosher catering or Non-Offensive catering for a Jewish Wedding


Often when planning a Jewish Wedding – you may be considering, should I have a Kosher Wedding? Should I consider a kosher caterer or kosher catering for my wedding?

This is really down to you and your family beliefs or who is attending the wedding. You have to consider whether kosher catering is a possibility at the venue you are choosing – if you are looking at venues this is a key criteria. Remember some guests may only attend or eat at your wedding if the catering is kosher.

Many venues offer kosher catering or have a partnership with a kosher caterer. In fact with many venues, you will need to have the contract with the caterer rather than the actual venue itself.

The key kosher criteria is varied – primarily not to mix meat and dairy. If there are no separate catering facilities, the caterer will go into a kitchen to sterilize the entire facility. In only kosher venues, there is a separate meat kitchen and a separate dairy kitchen. Of course there will only be use of products that have been supervised by a rabbi, under the rules of rabbinical law. Caterers must own all their own equipment and may not use utilise hotel equipment. Venue dishwashers should not be used unless for kosher use only or the equipment must be washed at caterer’s base or by hand in bowls.

Having a kosher wedding really does not polarise the choice of venues as so many hotel and restaurant venues offer kosher options.

The Kashrut Division is the largest single department of the London Beth Din. It encompasses licensing of over 100 caterers, bakeries, restaurants, food manufacturers, bonbonnieres, delis and shops, supervision of some 3000 catered events per year, and certification of almost 700 factories worldwide. Licensees must be Shomrei Shabbat and actively involved in the business. You might want to check a license/supervision with your caterer accordingly.

Kosher Wine will also be provided by your caterer as required. Additionally if you would like to source Kosher Wines for your Wedding, there is a great range available from The Grapevine.

Kosher caterers have progressed over the years and provide outstanding and exclusive catering options. Kosher catering really allows a wide range of options and all types of cuisine are offered.

Kosher Style Catering

The alternative to Kosher is called kosher style catering. This is also sometimes referred to as non-offensive catering. A kosher style wedding reception is simple – the menu will be fish and vegetarian based. Non-offensive catering is extremely popular and there are many fabulous caterers out there who cater in this style for Jewish Weddings. Note: Kosher style does not make the food kosher or the kitchen where the food is cooked.

This is a great option for those that may not use a kosher caterer but don’t want to offend. Again check with your caterer or the venue – and ensure you check every detail of their menu.

Please also note that the cost of kosher catering is often higher than that of non kosher catering. Therefore kosher catering can often increase the cost of a Jewish Wedding, especially in a hotel venue.

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