What is Yichud at a Jewish Wedding?


The wonderful Jewish Wedding Ceremony is over, the groom has broken the glass and everyone has wished the happy couple “mazeltov”. And as the newly married couple leave the ceremony setting, it is time for another Jewish Wedding Tradition.  Below we will explain what Yichud  at a Jewish Wedding is.

Yichud comes from the word “Yachad” which means “together” in Hebrew. Tt is when the newly married couple spend some time alone together after the ceremony in a private room, without prying eyes watching them. In biblical times and within the orthodox community, this would be the time the marriage would be consummated as physical contact would not have been allowed before now. So in some cases, this is a very important moment and the couple would be in Yichud for 8 minutes.

More common in non-orthodox communities nowadays, Yichud is to just have time to have a breather, relax, eat a snack and reflect on now being married. How wonderful to just have a bit of time together before having to greet, hug and talk to all their wedding guests. A bit of calm before the newly married couple head back to enjoy their simcha with their family and friends.

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