What is the Aufruf for a Jewish Wedding


The tradition of an aufruf for a Jewish Wedding is a wonderful occasion before the wedding takes place for the extended families and immediate friends of the bride & groom to get together and start the celebrations off! The word “aufruf” means “calling up” in Yiddish and the custom dates back to ancient times.

The aufruf would usually happen in synagogue on the Saturday before the Jewish Wedding is to take place. If the bride and groom are not members of a synagogue, it can take place in their parents’ synagogue. The aufruf can happen in another location, but you would need to ensure you had someone present to lead the service. In the sephardic community, the aufruf happens on the Shabbat after the wedding has taken place.

During the aufruf, the groom will be called up to the bima during the Shabbat morning service and will makes a blessing over the Torah called the “aliyah”. In some affiliations, the bride will go on the bima as well. The whole community can wish them mazeltov on their forthcoming wedding and throw sweets at them, wishing them a sweet new life together. Some families will sponsor the kiddish after the service for the whole congregation and often the family may have a lunch afterwards too. It is a very exciting time & is the start of the wedding build up.

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