Planning a Jewish Wedding – Where to Start!


You’ve said “Yes”, so what happens now? Time to plan the day you’ve been dreaming about forever! Here are our tips to make sure you remember everything for your Jewish Wedding:

1) It is very common to announce your engagement in the Jewish Press or in a local newspaper. Not only does this tell the community about your wonderful news, but is also a great keepsake.

2) It’s time to think numbers! Speak to the family and get an idea of guest numbers you would like to invite. This is always a challenge – be warned! You need to be quite rigid and manage expectations as numbers affect the venue you can choose.

3) Start thinking about your wedding date. Is there a certain season of the year you have always wanted to get married in? Do you need to check availability with a synagogue? Are there family members who live abroad who are crucial to your simcha? Is there a particular venue or wedding band you’ve always dreamed of having? Please also don’t forget to consider the dates in the Jewish calender when you cannot get married (the synagogue can help you with this). All these factors may affect when your wedding date will be so you need to work this out.

4) In terms of legalities, a Jewish Wedding can happen anywhere – a licence is not needed. You must marry under a Chuppah and you can marry in any synagogue in the UK that is the same affiliation you follow, i.e, orthodox, reform, liberal etc. Any Rabbi from the same affiliation can marry you and you will need to arrange the civil part of the marriage as well (a synagogue will sort this out for you, but bear it in mind if you have your ceremony at a venue). You may be asked to prove your Jewish lineage, by producing your parents Ketubah.

5) You must inform the local register office of your intention to get married. This is not Jewish related but the law in the UK. You sign a legal statement whilst there to say you are intending to get married and this must happen at least 29 days before the wedding takes place. You must also hold your wedding ceremony within 12 months of “giving notice”. For more information click here.

6) Now for the fun stuff! Start looking at wedding venues. What sort of ceremony have you always dreamed of? Decide if you wish to marry in synagogue or at the party venue. Check out our article Choosing a Jewish Wedding Venue for great advice. There are so many types of venues including hotels, country houses, barns, restaurants etc. so get researching to see what is right for you.

7) Food is always a big part of a Jewish Wedding and is one of the most expensive aspects! Kosher or Non-offensive Catering is a decision that needs to be made and can affect the cost of your venue. Some venues will allow their preferred caterers only so do bear this in mind. Caterers will often make you a wedding cake – don’t forget to ask or add this to your to-do list if not.

8) The next thing to consider is what sort of entertainment you would like. You want great music at your simcha and you want everyone dancing! It is very common to have live music and bands do get booked up quickly. Click here to see some fabulous Jewish Wedding Bands.

9) The Jewish Wedding Photographer and Videographer have the hardest job of them all. Wedding moments cannot be re-run. A good Jewish Wedding Photographer and Jewish Wedding Videographer are worth the money. Remember that wedding pictures and videos will be your ever lasting memory from your big day.

10) There is so much choice for entertaining your guests these days and adding some additional entertainment can help make your wedding stand out from the rest. From Classical singers to Photobooths, some more ideas can be found here.

11) During your Wedding celebration, there is one person that is invaluable and will make the event run smoothly, meaning you can totally relax and enjoy yourself. Yes, we mean a toastmaster. You can ask a family member or friend to take this responsibility, but do not under estimate the job they will have to do. We have some fabulous recommendations for toastmasters, click here to see them.

12) This is probably the most exciting part for any Jewish bride and probably not something we need to remind you about….the wedding dress!! (and don’t forget the grooms attire, the bridesmaids dresses, the best men, ushers and immediate family). You can check out our tips for how to find the perfect wedding dress here. Also do not forget to book a hairdresser or make-up artist if you want one as they get very booked up in advance.

13) An invitation is the first thing your guests will receive regarding your Jewish Wedding so you want to create a beautiful design as well as providing the necessary functional details. Think about your venue – is it easy to find/park? You may want to include directions. In addition, it is common to have a gift list and you need to remember to include this information as well. Finally, wedding invitations can be heavy – it is worth double checking to make sure you put the correct postage on!

14) It’s time to let your imagination run wild and create the Jewish Wedding you have always dreamed of. So where do you start with creating the wow factor when you and your guests enter your Jewish Wedding Venue? Flowers, table centres, lighting, ribbons, candles, themes – the list is endless. For more ideas on Jewish Wedding room decoration click here.

15) Do you want to travel to your Jewish wedding in style? Wedding cars come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Click here to see some great suppliers.

16) The placing of the wedding ring on the bride’s finger in the Jewish Wedding Ceremony is an incredibly important moment – it is the moment you are married, so do not forget to buy one!

17) If all of the above seems daunting and your budget will allow for one, think about hiring a Jewish Wedding Planner – they will take much of the pressure off you! For some experienced Jewish Wedding Planners that we recommend, click here.

18) Insurance is there to cover the unexpected. Whether that is extreme weather conditions, wedding vendor’s failure to supply or even theft, loss and/or damage to wedding attire. Insurance is the final piece in the puzzle to ensure all boxes are ticked when planning your Jewish Wedding.

All that is left to say is a hearty Mazel tov and enjoy the preparations. Don’t forget to register your marriage after the event and we hope you have the most wonderful memorable day!

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