Creating the Ultimate Jewish Wedding Gift List


Hopefully the preparations are well underway for an incredible Jewish wedding celebration. Now it is time to turn to the most exciting part of the Jewish wedding planning process, how to create the ultimate Jewish Wedding gift list. Remember, if you’re planning a Jewish engagement party, your guests might want to get you a little something to say Mazel tov, so you’ll need to think about having a Jewish engagement gift list too.

So….let’s get started!

In creating the wedding gift list of your dreams you will need to make sure that as well as the traditional home gifts you would like to include, that you select a gift list service that provides an exclusive selection of Jewish wedding presents. Jewish guests love nothing more than the opportunity to furnish your home with Judaica gifts that the happy wedding couple have chosen to start their married lives together. By listing with an online Jewish wedding gift list you make it easy for your guests to buy the perfect Jewish wedding present for you.

Now for the fun part, selecting potential Jewish wedding gifts! Check out our most popular Judaica choices for our Jewish wedding gift list couples. Enjoy selecting a gift from leading Israeli artists to bring your Jewish heritage to life:

1. Candlesticks – Shabbat candlesticks are a wonderful Jewish wedding present. A timeless gift that will adorn the Shabbat of a newly wedded couple.

2. Challah board & knife set – Add a stunning Challah board & knife set decorated with beautiful illustrations for many happy years to come at the Shabbat table.

3. Challah cover – A vibrant Challah cover can make a great impression for Shabbat guests and really light up the Shabbat table.

4. Havdalah set – Marking the end of the Shabbat with a beautiful Havdalah set designed to accompany the symbolic end of Shabbat.

5. Kiddush cup – Kiddush, the blessing made over a cup of wine or grape juice at the beginning of Shabbat and before Jewish festivals, can be made even more special with a beautifully designed Kiddush cup.

6. Matzah cover – a specially designed Matzah cover can add the perfect touch to the Passover Seder table for a newly married couple.

7. Matzah holder – a hand-crafted or designed Matzah holder can be an unusual piece to really set off the Passover Seder table.

8. Menorah / Chanukiah – our most popular Jewish wedding gift list selection that almost needs no introduction! The ultimate Jewish wedding gift for a newly married couple.

9. Mezuzah – a beautiful item of Judaica for the Jewish wedding gift list as this is an important component of the Jewish faith affixed to the doorways of Jewish homes. Select from a range of designs from contemporary to traditional to suit the happy couple.

10. Passover / Seder plate – An ideal Jewish wedding gift to bring colour to the Pesach table! Intricately and thoughtfully designed to match the special occasion.

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