The Jewish Wedding Fair


Ten Top Tips for surviving a Jewish Wedding Fair or Jewish Wedding Exhibition and making the most out of it.

  1. It’s not normally busy at a Jewish Wedding Fair. It’s normally VERY busy and can be intimidating with so many people eager to get round the fair so be prepared!
  2. Think about what you want to get out of the fair in advance if you can so you know what type of supplier you want to visit and have conversations/ check availability with. This will make the best use of your time. Having a list would be useful or having the list of exhibitors before you go so you know who to target would be ideal too.
  3. Don’t arrive at the end of the day and think you can run round everyone in an hour. Plus by the end of the day exhibitors are generally exhausted. Give yourself plenty of time.
  4. Don’t book solely on the day of the fair unless you have done your research first. Impulse decisions without consultation or detailed thought can sometimes be regretful.
  5. Not every supplier is at a fair so if you see good ideas it is worth investigating what other suppliers will also provide the same service.
  6. Whilst it is good to research prior to the fair, also keep an open mind so that you can embrace new ideas or find out what is popular/fashionable, which may contradict your own initial plans or thoughts.
  7. Take someone with you, whether it’s a family member or friend so that you can get second opinions and discuss your plans and to make it an enjoyable day out.
  8. If you are male, it’s probably best not to attend. Weddings are primarily designed for women and the same is for Jewish Wedding Fairs. Stay at home and watch Sky Sports.
  9. Enjoy yourself. Don’t get stressed by crowds, prices. Every wedding is different and it is your once in a lifetime day, so enjoy the planning and enjoy your day out.
  10. Remember all suppliers generally are also online so you can find out more about suppliers that you meet on the internet, which will help your decision making process.

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