How to find the Perfect Dress for your Jewish Wedding


It’s finally here – the day many brides have dreamed of since they were young girls.  Dressing up as fairies and princesses was amazing for a 6 year old, but now it’s no longer make believe.  This is really happening, and you are going to try on wedding dresses for the first time!

Usually brides have many pre-conceived ideas of what style they would like – whether it’s ball gown, mermaid or slinky and long sleeve, bardot or strapless, there is so much choice out there, and it can be daunting knowing where to start.

An important decision to make is if you want to buy a dress or have a bespoke dress made.  There are many dress shops and dress designers out there, catering for all budgets.  In the first instance, it is always best to visit wedding shops to get an idea of what shape is right for you.

The following tips will help make finding your dream dress as perfect as possible:

What’s the budget? It’s very important to know your budget and not try on dresses that are unattainable. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a dress that is too much money.  Of course if you are prepared to go over budget or are just looking for inspiration, do not restrict yourself.

Who should you take with? Trying on wedding dresses for the first time can be quite overwhelming and taking too many people with too many opinions could leave you feeling frustrated and confused.  Ideally take no more than 2 people.

What fit is right for me? Go shopping with an open mind and try on all shapes.  You may be surprised at what dress makes you feel fabulous as it may be a style you didn’t think would suit you.   It’s also important to think about your venue and the time of year of your wedding.

What colour is right for me?  White may be the most popular colour, but it may not suit everyone’s complexion.  Look at different shades of ivory, blush and white to see which one suits you best.

Bring your undies!  It is important to bring your wedding lingerie or similar to ensure they work with the dress.  For example, if you want lace lingerie, you need to be sure you won’t see any lumps and bumps through the wedding dress.  In addition, bring your wedding shoes or shoes with a similar heel height as this will also make a difference to the dress.

If you are planning your wedding ceremony in synagogue, remember you will need to have your shoulders covered.  If you don’t want a sleeved dress, there are so many ideas available including boleros, lace attachments, fake fur stolls, detachable sleeves, etc.

Movies make you believe that it is normal to have an overwhelming feeling take over you when you try on a dress that tells you this is the one!  But this does not happen with everybody.  Be prepared that it is unlikely you will find “the one” on the first day of shopping.  Take photos, do your research and take your time to find the perfect dress that will ensure you feel elegant, confident and comfortable for your perfect Jewish Wedding.

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