The Jewish Wedding Checklist


This list will make your life so much easier when planning your Jewish Wedding! We have listed everything you need to remember for your simcha in one place for you. Now don’t stress out – you do not need to include everything on this list, but it will give you a guide to work with and options to think about. Good luck and happy planning!

The Wedding Preparation

1. Tell friends & family
2. Announcement in the press
3. Write guest list
4. Discuss wedding date
5. Notify synagogue
6. Notify local register office of intention to marry (wedding must be within 12 months)
7. Find parents Ketubah
8. Decide if marrying in synagogue or at party venue
9. Send Save the Date
10. Stag/hen do’s
11. Wedding Invitations
12. Wedding gift list
13. Insurance
14. Event Planner
15. Honeymoon

Finding the Venue

1. Decide venue type – hotel, hall, barn, restaurant etc.
2. Room hire fee or does the venue do own catering?
3. Space for wedding ceremony?
4. Does the venue have rooms to stay or somewhere nearby
5. Enough parking?
6. Room for stage for a band?
7. Check the toilets!
8. Good places for photos
9. Provisions for bad weather
10. Ensure you have a named contact for all your needs

The Wedding Ceremony in Synagogue

1. Synagogue date booked
2. Book a Chazzan if necessary
3. Check Chuppah and look at decorating it if applicable
4. Décor in the synagogue – florist?
5. Check out ladies room
6. Meeting with the Rabbi (and Rabbi’s wife)
7. Order kippahs
8. Make information of the Jewish Wedding Ceremony for guests
9. Book wedding rehearsal
10. Photographer
11. Videographer
12. Rings
13. Wedding car

The Wedding Ceremony at a venue

1. Book Rabbi
2. Book Chazzan
3. Hire a Chuppah
4. Décor in the venue – florist?
5. Enough chairs?
6. Sound system?
7. Room for the tisch, the badeken, yichud, signing the Ketubah
8. Meeting with the Rabbi (and Rabbi’s wife)
9. Order kippahs
10. Make information of the Jewish Wedding Ceremony for guests
11. Photographer
12. Videographer
13. Book wedding rehearsal
14. Wedding cars?
15. Accomodation

The Aufruf

1. Book date with shul (the week before your wedding).
2. Guest list
3. Kiddush
4. Lunch
5. Outfits
6. Hair/Make up

The Bride

1. Wedding Dress
2. Lingerie
3. Shoes
4. Trainers for party?
5. Shoulders need covering?
6. Tiara/veil/hair accessories
7. Small bag
8. Garter
9. Jewellery
10. Bouquet?
11. Book hairdresser/make-up artist
12. Beauty treatments in the lead up?
13. Wedding car
14. Wedding night accommodation

The Groom

1. Wedding attire
2. Shoes
3. Rings
4. Write Speech
5. Haircut
6. Kippahs
7. Button holes
8. Wedding cars
9. Wedding night accommodation

The Wedding Entourage

1. Wedding Attire
2. Bridesmaids dresses/shoes/hair/make up /bag
3. Best Men & Ushers wedding attire
4. Best Man’s speech
5. Welcome speech
6. Wedding Cars
7. Accommodation

The Wedding Reception

1. Toastmaster
2. Band
3. Other entertainment – singer/photobooth etc.
4. Room décor – table centres/chair covers
5. Caterer
6. Photographer
7. Videographer
8. Wedding cake
9. Escort cards/name place/benchers/menu/kippahs
10. Lighting


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