Jewish Wedding Music

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The music and band makes a Jewish wedding memorable. For many, the music is the most important factor as it defines whether everyone has a good time dancing or is sitting on their chairs making polite conversation. Many will define their wedding date based on the availability of their preferred band. Likewise the ceremony music really evokes wonderful emotions as does all the Jewish Wedding Music at the reception.

Jewish Weddings are often remembered, especially by non-jewish guests, for the joyous music and entertainment. The right Jewish Wedding Music can make your wedding truly extraordinary and memorable. The spirit of Jewish wedding music is founded on the age old tradition to be Mesameach – the bride and groom on their once in a lifetime occasion.

Music at the Jewish Wedding is so important to the atmosphere of the evening. It is important to also consider your audience. Whilst some may want a heavy metal band as this is their favourite music, the Jewish Wedding band must cater for the whole audience.

Some weddings may also use a DJ and once you have chosen your band or DJ make sure you agree rough set list in advance, including your first song, so that there are no surprises on the wedding day. Your chosen band should be familiar with Jewish music as well as contemporary music.

These days, the music used at Jewish weddings tends to lean more towards contemporary, secular songs and tunes, but the vast majority still include some traditional Jewish music and dancing. Traditional Jewish music at the party provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy joyous songs and traditional dancing.

It is traditional to include a section of Hebrew music and dancing known as a ‘Hora’. This generally comprises a medley of popular Jewish tunes, including Hava Nagila (‘come let us be glad’), and Siman Tov U Mazeltov (‘may good luck come to us’).

During this section of the dancing it’s also traditional for the guests to dance together in a big circle, with the newly married couple hoisted into the air on chairs – they then hold opposite ends of a handkerchief and ‘dance’ with each other. The more Orthodox (religious) the wedding, the more traditional Jewish Wedding Music and dancing is used; at more religious weddings men and women still dance separately, on opposite sides of a curtain.

The ceremony itself remains another part of the wedding where Jewish music is hugely memorable. There are a number of different tunes, which are used to mark the entrance of the bride; the most popular include a choral song, Baruch Chaba (which translates as: ‘blessed is he’) and the instrumental piece Eshet Chayil (translated as ‘a woman of valour’). Other religious music may be used, often sung by a choir or a cantor or both. However, the Wedding march, which is commonly used by other religions, is generally avoided as its composer Wagner was well known for his anti-Semitic beliefs

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