Getting married in Israel – A Jewish Wedding

israel wedding

Getting married in Israel is the perfect way for many to celebrate their Jewish marriage.

Not only for the religious feel, Israel offers a wealth of beautiful opportunities for a unique simcha – the holy city of Jerusalem, the desert, the Golan Heights or even a stunning beach – and of course guaranteed weather.

The Rabbinical authorities in Israel will expect the UK Beth Din to authorise you as an eligible person to get married. The London Beth Din issues such certificates that you can present to the rabbinate in Israel, stating that you are Jewish, single and eligible to get married.

The local Office of the Chief Rabbinate where your marriage takes place will expect to receive the letter from your local Beth Din before agreeing to marry you. They will provide you with a ketubah and a qualified Rabbi to officiate at your wedding if required.

Marriages under the official Rabbinate in Israel are registered with the Ministry of Religious affairs and, subsequent to the wedding, you will be issued with a Te’udat Nissu’in (marriage certificate) which is the State registration of your marriage.

This certificate is recognised by the British authorities as equivalent to a civil marriage, so no further civil ceremony is required in the UK. It would be worthwhile to get a notarised translation of this marriage certificate done for official purposes.( The London Beth Din can arrange to do this for you according to their website).

If you are planning a Jewish Wedding in Israel / planning to get married in Israel there are many companies who can support you on this journey with local knowledge. They will make recommendations, sort out the paperwork and importantly provide superb organisational skills so that you can enjoy the day and enjoy the planning – whilst in the UK.

Jewish Wedding Directory suggests the following companies that will help to plan your Wedding in Israel: Click the link to View local suppliers for Weddings in Israel

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