How to choose a Jewish Wedding Photographer


You’ve planned your dream Jewish Wedding, the ceremony is organised with a stunning Chuppah, beautiful flowers and Chazzan all sorted. The venue will look fabulous and every detail will be executed to perfection. So now you want to ensure you will remember one of the best days of your life with stunning imagery that bring your Jewish Wedding Day back to life. Choosing the right photographer for your forthcoming Jewish Wedding is therefore an extremely important consideration.

The first thing to think about is what style of photography you like. Do you want traditional or contemporary images? Would you like your pictures to be relaxed and informal, or more posed & staged? Maybe you want a mixture of all these ideas, so doing your research to find the perfect Jewish Wedding Photographer is a necessity.
When you first have a conversation with a Photographer, you must inform them of the style of photographs you are interested in, but when you see their portfolio, it would be beneficial to look at all the different styles they can do. This will demonstrate their flexibility and skill. You want your Photographer to understand you and get to know you so they can ensure your personality shines through on the photos.

There are many key things that happen during a Jewish Wedding so it is important that the Photographer catches these special moments, e.g., breaking the glass, the Hora and raising the bride and groom on the chairs. You don’t want these moments to be missed and an experienced Jewish Wedding Photographer will understand their importance and will be aware of when they happen.

It is also key you feel comfortable with the Photographer, so he can make you and your guests feel at ease to ensure you get the best images. The Photographers nature should be approachable & relaxed and they should be able to cope under pressure to ensure they get all the fabulous moments captured. In addition, you do not want your Jewish Wedding Photographer to be too in your face and impose on the flow of your wedding. You should be able to gauge quick quickly from meeting the Photographer, if you feel a rapport. First impressions do count!
Something else to consider is cost. A high end Photographer doesn’t necessarily mean you will get better pictures than if you have a cheaper one. The Photographer should be flexible and have a range of packages to suit all. Remember a Photographer is providing you a service, and they will have different options and price structures to offer you. It is important you get a quote before you sign any contracts so all terms and expectations are clear. Make sure you ask about any hidden extras, including VAT, editing costs, the cost of the album and any travel/expenses.

It is often useful to use a Photographer that has worked at your wedding venue before. This isn’t a necessity, but you will want to take your Photographer to your venue, so they can work out the best locations to use and explore any opportunities for creative photography. It’s also of benefit for the Photographer to meet the Events team at your venue so you can relax knowing the order of the day will run smoothly.
With the above tips, you will find the right Jewish Wedding Photographer for you! And once your perfect Wedding Day is over, you will have beautiful images to remember that special day, for the rest of your lives. Mazel Tov!

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