Jewish Weddings in Leeds and Yorkshire


The Jewish Community in Leeds is approximately 10,000 people – It is the third largest Jewish community in the United Kingdom. The Leeds Jewish community is the second largest provincial community in Britain, behind Manchester. Whilst the Jewish population in Leeds has fallen, it is still a significant community. All manner of Jewish life and culture are represented in the Leeds area, from Orthodox through to Reform and Liberal.

If you are planning a Jewish Wedding in Leeds, some of the main Synagogues are Beth Hamidrash Hagadol Synagogue, Chassidishe Synagogue, Etz Chaim Synagogue, Sinai Synagogue, Leeds Masorti, Lubavitch and Shadwell Lane Synagogue.

After the Jewish Wedding ceremony, there are some fabulous venues to consider for your wedding – including five star hotels in the City Centre as well as stunning character venues on the outskirts of the Leeds area. A number of these allow for Kosher Catering.

As an example, in terms of grandeur and a stunning setting, Oulton Hall is one of the stunning Jewish Wedding venues in the Leeds area. The listed grounds provide the ideal backdrop to create beautiful photographs. If you explore Yorkshire, there are some stunning venues set amidst beautiful countryside. Additionally there may be the option for having the ceremony at these venues to avoid long travel between ceremony and venue. You would need to ensure in advance that your Rabbi will attend.

Another beautiful venue is the Principal York . Stunning Victorian architecture, manicured lawns, and views out to the York Minster makes The Principal York the perfect setting for your wedding day.

Do not worry about Jewish Wedding supplier’s, as there are many experienced suppliers in Leeds and the North of England who will cater for your needs. Many suppliers including bands, photographers and indeed caterers will travel to Leeds – although note that there may be an extra expense incurred. There are a wealth of experienced Jewish Wedding suppliers in Manchester and some will also travel up from London.

A popular and experienced Jewish Wedding Band based in Yorkshire is Vibetown.

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