What is The Tisch at a Jewish Wedding?


The Tisch is a custom of the Jewish Wedding that has become more popular these days. Why you may ask? Well when you understand what the Tisch is, you’ll understand why! The Tisch occurs before the Jewish Wedding Ceremony takes place and basically involves the Groom spending time with the boys! We say boys, but we mean family, friends, the Rabbi and any other male participants.

The men sit round the table (the “tisch”) that has been laid with food and usually lots of whiskey and generally speaking, the Groom enjoys some boy time before the ceremony. Singing, chanting and lively behaviour is what occurs whilst the Groom prepares for the wonderful event that is soon to follow.

There is one ceremonial part to The Tisch, when the Rabbi reads through the Ketubah (the Jewish marriage certificate) often to cheers from the congregants. This ensures the Groom is aware of his obligations as a Jewish married man. He may then sign the Ketubah along with a witness. At this point he may be lifted on a chair to more singing and celebrations.

The Tisch is a Jewish Wedding tradition that is not a necessity and some Grooms will prefer to be greeting guests or mentally preparing themselves for their forthcoming wedding.
At the end of the Tisch, the groom will leave the room accompanied by his father, father-in-law and possibly best men and will go and see his bride for the first time for the Badeken ceremony.

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