Daniel Benisty

daniel benisty

As Pianist, Singer and Musical Director, Daniel offers the flexibility of instrumental and/or vocal for your ceremony. Daniel can either sing solo with piano, or accompany a singer/chazan of your choice, or perform instrumental with bass/violin/clarinet/cello or full string quartet – or a combination. Daniel is a multi-lingual multi-style performer who enjoys performing a range of music, from latin to jazz, swing to rock, klezmer to ladino, musical theatre to opera. Always very keen to tailor-make performances to suit your taste, Daniel has the talent and experience to add a touch of grace and charm to your ceremony, as well as being able to provide both subdued live jazz/ballads/swing for pre- and post-ceremony as well as upbeat party band music for after dinner. All at a very reasonable price. Web:Daniel Benisty

Tel: 07828 978 067

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