Great Wedding Favours and help Cancer Research UK

Wedding Favours or Bridal Favours make a perfect traditional keepsake gift for all your guests. Originating in Italy, where they are known as Bomboniere. The Italian traditions are to use sugared almonds which they put into tulle nets. The five sugared almonds have a meaning of Health, Wealth, happiness, Long Life and Fertility. The custom of giving Wedding Favours dates back to early European history where they were given to celebrate marriages, by wealthy aristocrats of the period and this tradition is now carried in weddings and events today. The giving of these gifts to your guests symbolises the brides and grooms acknowledgement of each friend and relative who has shared their special day

Following the huge success of the 2011 Cancer Research UK Wedding Favours collection by luxury wedding dress designer Jenny Packham, Cancer Research UK and Jenny Packham are thrilled to be collaborating once more with the launch of an exclusive limited edition blue swallow pin badge.

Couples tying the knot can order a pin badge for every guest along with personalised favour cards incorporating the bride and groom’s names and wedding date. The badges are pinned to the cards or can complement more traditional favours.

Jenny Packham said: ‘Wedding favours are such an elegant way to celebrate a friend or family member surviving cancer or to remember someone close on your big day. I’m thrilled to be part of so many people’s wedding days, and to help raise vital funds in the fight to beat cancer.’

All the charity asks is that couples ordering the favours make a suggested donation of £2.50 per guest, which goes towards Cancer Research UK’s lifesaving work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Donating to Cancer Research UK is a unique way of thanking your guests for celebrating your wedding. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your big day and is a more meaningful gift than traditional wedding favours.

Find out more here: Cancer Research UK Wedding Favours

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